JewelMesh is an application designed from ground up for Jewelers. The development of the product has been done with active input from jewellery industry to incorporate the time tested business processes followed by jewellery industry.
JewelMesh is focused on solving the problems in jewellery retail industry in a way that the interface is kept simple and minimal. Execution and reporting requirement of jewellers is broadly similar but different in detail, we have provided the right level of admin interface to manage the differences in same code base. Having single code base for all our customers helps in creating a very well tested and robust application and lets us to easily upgrade customers with new features and developments.
Combined with the business knowledge as above, we have combined this with our experience in creating robust applications which can solve our customers problems effectively over long period of time.

Some key points in JewelMesh are:
  • Simple interfaces which relate one to one with actual working
  • Summary and Detailed reports for material, finished stock sand amount
  • Multi user with user permissions
  • Multi Store with support for movement of goods across stores
  • Support for retail, wholesales and manufacturing
  • Support for barcode tags and RFID
  • Item Image support across the application
  • Well tested ready to use application
  • Been in use continuously for several years with clients
  • Being used in multiple geographies
  • Cost effective online support system by which immediate support is available
  • JewelMesh and support has proved itself well over a long period of time with several clients

About Us

Think Future Technologies is a Gurgaon, India based software company. We provide innovative web-based Intranet solutions for various vertical industries. JewelMesh is one of our flagship application developed grounds up exclusively for the Jewellry Industry. Our solutions are grounded into reality and are uniquely developed for the specific industry. A core team is assigned to that application development and support. This team stays with the application through its lifecycle with new releases and improvements which are based upon customer feedbacks and requirements. We have now adopted Agile methodology powered by Fomaba in our SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) which further improves quick turnaround and improves the stability of software.